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Paperless Daily Bulletins … the neverending story…

Well, folks, I wanted to do so much but it just hasn’t happened this time.  I had hoped to have all of this automated so that it would produce more than just this one page; there was supposed to be a page for each event, with easy-to-manage links bars to get form one to another.  But despite being nearly there several times, I just couldn’t manage to make it work.  I will, and over the next few weeks I’ll continue trying.  Once the basic results are set up for automatic postings, I can work on making them look as good as they did in the Bulletin, and even add some of the features I’ve wanted to include, like individual results, overviews of who the leaders were after each round, addable callout paragraphs whenever this data indicates something interesting has happened, brackets for part-way KOs, and more.  All will have hurdles, but none as large as the one I am currently up against.

So it is a big apology from me on this first attempt, but determination to fix it for Whistler and beyond.  You can also get results data at ACBL Live from this direct link, and the masterpoints page works quite well, so its not a total loss.


This page is growing, so here are some direct links:


DUMPS, the Daily Updated Master Point Summary, has been done for Saturday, and now includes ranks in the non-Life Master race as well as the overall race.  Red and gold points are tracked for everyone who has won masterpoints and we’ll update it each night.  Check it out here!


Final tournament attendance: 1357½ tables.  2016’s tournament had 1480½ tables.  Lynnwood tends to make small gains for a number of years then a bit of a drop, but the overall picture since we began playing here is quite good.  I’m confident there will be a rebound next year.


Final Masterpoint Leaders:

ACBLScore breaks ties randomly


Overall Leaders thru Sunday

1 Nicholas Stock, North Vancouver BC 99.91
2 Jeff Roman, Bend OR 85.03
3 Thomas Carmichael, Mill Creek WA 84.15
4 Bryan Delfs, Seattle WA 82.07
5 Stephen Hosch, Olympia WA 76.44
6 Aaron Jones, Oceanside CA 73.55
7 July Ratley, Redding CA 73.04
7 Mark Itabashi, Murrieta CA 73.04
9 Dave Westfall, Spokane WA 67.13
9 Ray Miller, Seattle WA 67.13
11 Dawn Campbell, Portland OR 62.04
11 Jon Bartlett, Portland OR 62.04
11 Robert Johnson, Tigard OR 62.04
11 Roger McNay, Beaverton OR 62.04
15 John Moffat, Bellingham WA 53.33
16 Les Fouks, Vancouver BC 52.95
17 Dave Grubbs, Seattle WA 52.34
18 Valentin Kovachev, Las Vegas NV 48.74
19 Ken Scholes, Bellevue WA 46.80
20 Ronald Woodard, Olympia WA 46.70
21 Barbara Nist, Seatac WA 44.60
22 Craig Zastera, Woodinville WA 44.50
23 Steven Love, Laguna Niguel CA 42.20
24 Dolores Brenner, Santa Fe NM 41.89
25 Sun-O Ho, Redmond WA 41.66
26 Brad Bart, Coquitlam BC 41.30
26 Cristal Nell, Seattle WA 41.30
28 William O’Brien, Mountlake Ter WA 41.06
29 Dileep Bal, Kapaa HI 40.35
29 L Stuart Vance, Kapaa HI 40.35
29 Loring Harkness III, Kilauea HI 40.35
29 Patti Moore, Kalaheo HI 40.35
33 John Cox, Saint Maries ID 40.05
33 Richard D’Litzenberger, Leavenworth WA 40.05
35 Stanford Christie, Kirkland WA 38.73
36 Patrick Dunn, Bellevue WA 38.67
37 Polly Dunn, Bellevue WA 38.23
38 Eric Sieg, Seattle WA 37.05
39 Gerry McCully, Victoria BC 37.00
39 Rhonda Foster, Victoria BC 37.00
41 Alan Hendrickson, North Bend WA 35.81
41 Kent Harold, Redmond WA 35.81
43 Dennis Heller, Clinton WA 35.49
44 Kevin Bolan, Snohomish WA 34.97
45 David Hildebrand, Lake Forest Pk WA 34.77
46 Marlene Sumi, Burnaby BC 34.66
46 Tom Cotton, Surrey BC 34.66
48 Patti Hartley, Kenmore WA 34.65
49 Mary Dougherty, Santa Fe NM 34.64
50 Phyllis Rakevich, Tumwater WA 33.97


Non-Life Master Leaders thru Sunday

1 Marlene Sumi, Burnaby BC 34.66
2 Ami Ori, Ra Anana, Israel 30.37
3 Jack Yuan, Bellevue WA 28.04
4 Darlene Allen, Squamish BC 27.08
4 Denise Holst, Courtenay BC 27.08
6 B Drajpuch, Redmond WA 25.07
7 Leanne Zaring, Richland WA 22.19
8 Paul Huntress, Auburn WA 20.38
9 Susie Ball, Yakima WA 20.01
10 Susan Waggoner, Mercer Island WA 19.88
11 Cindy Oishi, West Vancouver BC 18.11
12 Difei Tang, Kirkland WA 18.03
13 Ivy French, Seattle WA 17.67
13 Tracey Guice, Seattle WA 17.67
15 Peiyush Jain, Bothell WA 17.54
16 David Johnson, Port Townsend WA 17.22
17 Alex Hong, West Vancouver BC 17.01
18 Candace Allen, Clinton WA 16.22
19 Arvind Ranasaria, Redmond WA 15.53
20 Kamlesh Batra, Mercer Island WA 14.79
20 Shiv Batra, Mercer Island WA 14.79
22 Carl Ostertag, Coupeville WA 13.50
23 Chuck Reppas, Leavenworth WA 12.05
24 Steven Mark Lewis, Kirkland WA 11.83
25 Carolyn Wyman, Beaux Arts WA 11.69
26 Razon Johnson, Kingston WA 11.45
27 Sharon Riddle, Kirkland WA 11.40
28 Franklin Tiangsing, Auburn WA 11.32
29 Steven Lachowicz, Wenatchee WA 10.96
30 Karen Madison, East Wenatchee WA 10.75

Not quite on the list? Check the DUMPS!

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