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Victoria, BC

The Kirkwood Trophy

Many District 19 players have never heard of the Kirkwood Trophy. Yet, they are all eligible to compete for this annual award. No need to register, simply attending one (or more) of the five annual District 19 Regionals will get you on the list. Of course, if you want to win, you had better do well in all five.

You can learn more about the Kirkwood Trophy by visiting our dedicated page on the website. Just click here. Or you can use the handy search box on the top left of the page  (type in Kirkwood). You can also look under D19 Tournaments in the top menu.

Farewell Peter Herold

Peter Herold, 1946-2019

Canadian bridge has lost a significant member and friend with the passing of Peter Herold. Peter died peacefully in his sleep after a long, optimistic and courageous battle with cancer.

Peter was a part of the lives of many Canadian bridge players. He was taught to play bridge at a young age by his grandmother, and always loved the game. He became a passionate, skilled, and highly regarded duplicate player.

His significant accomplishments included victories in the Canadian National Team Championships, the Canadian Open Pairs Championships, and the Australian National Open Pairs.

His sense of humour and love of life will be greatly missed by his wife, Alana, and his many friends. A big party will be planned at a future date in Victoria, to commemorate his passing.

Embarrassment of riches

Welcome to October!

This month, you have the opportunity to participate in not only one, but two D19 Regionals.

The Tri-Cities Regional runs from October 21 to 27. It’s being held in  Pasco, Wa,  some 200 miles SE of Seattle. Follow this link for complete information on the tournament.

A week later, October 28 to November 3,  it’s time for the Whistler Regional, in BC, about 1.5 hours driving distance northward from Vancouver, BC. Go to our D19 Tournaments page for the flyer. More details will become available as the tournament draws near.

Website updates

For those of you interested in District 19’s governance, there are several newly-posted items of interest.

The approved minutes from the Leavenworth Board meeting are now posted under Board Minutes (a sub-item of Governance).  

Among other board decisions, here’s one you might like to be aware of: 

Directors at sanctioned tournaments will no longer give a first Zero Tolerance warning– penalties will be immediate.

The synopsis of the Victoria Board meeting can also be found under the same heading.

And the financial statements for 2018, as well as the 4 prior years  are available under D19 Financials.



2019 NAP National Finals

The Flight C pairs highlighted D19’s representation at the North American Pairs (NAP) National Finals played at NABC Memphis on March 30 and 31.

Of the 88 Flight C pairs who entered the two-day event from across the ACBL, all four D19 pairs qualified on Saturday for the two-session final on Sunday.

Three of the four D19 pairs finished in the top 16 overall in the event, an amazing show of strength of Flight C pairs in D19.

Finishing 16th overall in the NAP Flight C National Finals — and becoming Life Masters in the process —Mark McWiggins and Craig Von Land, from Issaquah and Seattle, WA respectively


Finishing 12th overall in the NAP Flight C National Finals, Morris Chen and Qiang Hua, both of Surrey, BC


Finishing 13th overall in the NAP Flight C National Finals, the Souza brothers Felipe and Guilherme, both of Bellevue, WA