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Kirkwood Trophy list updated

The Kirkwood Trophy is awarded by District 19 each year to the resident of District 19 who wins the most masterpoints.

Only open Regionals in Washington State and British Columbia are counted, and like other masterpoint races one must be an ACBL member to qualify.

Standings are calculated at the conclusion of each Regional and placed in the Wrapup edition, as well as in the first Bulletin of the next Regional.

The current list reflects the standing after June’s Penticton Regional. It can be found under District MP Races in the side menu or accessed directly by clicking here.

List of Tournaments Updated

The list of D19 tournaments for 2016 has been updated with all Sectional and Regional tournaments from April to December 2016. Whenever available, links to tournament flyers are included. Please access the list from the top menu or by clicking here.

Please address any questions, queries or comments regarding the list to the Webmaster.

JP Weber
D19 Webmaster