Everett Unit 437

131 Members

Unit Description

Though small in numbers, the unit generously donates money to local charities each year in addition to the ACBL charities. The Unit prides itself in providing a pleasant playing environment.

The Bridge Club of Everett has a game on Wednesday at 7:30pm at the Everett Plaza Retirement Center at 2204 12th Street. The first Wednesday of each month is a team game; all other games are stratified pair games. For partnerships, contact Joe Uhlrich at 425 359 5881 & Ernie Staudt, 425-710-7005

The unit sponsors a Sectional each year (usually) in March. The annual membership meeting is held at the Unit Christmas Party to elect half of the board members; each of its six board members serves a two year term.


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Unit Board of Directors

President Marla K Patterson
Vice President Carol A Proctor
Secretary Marla K Patterson
Treasurer Jo Ann H Smith
Electronic Contact Jo Ann H Smith
Disciplinary Chair Jack K Erickson
Recorder Marla K Patterson
Tournament Coordinator Marla K Patterson
Board Member David L Fallen
Board Member Turid Fredrickson
Board Member Mark A Lawson
Board Member Marla K Patterson
Board Member Carol A Proctor
Board Member Jo Ann H Smith

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