District 19 Newsletter coming in spring

This spring we will roll out a new semi-annual newsletter. Our target date for the inaugural issue is late April 2021. It will be web-based and hosted on our website (d19.org). We will send out an email to all D19 members (at least the ones with email addresses) advising when each new issue is posted. In addition to highlighting player achievements and updates from the District, we look forward to having challenging hands to review, news from the local Units and more. Anyone have any good bridge jokes they want to share?  We welcome your submissions, suggestions and ideas of all types. Please email them to: D19news@mail.com

D19 Regionals cancelled until fall 2021

The following District 19 Regional Tournaments have been cancelled for 2021: Victoria (originally scheduled for April), Penticton (June) and Lynwood (August).

Whistler  is still in the cards, so to speak, and could be held at the end of October or the beginning of November. A final decision will be made by D19’s Board  no later than the end of May. 

ACBL extends face-to-face tournament cancellations through April 30, 2021

Here’s ACBL Executive Director Joseph Jones’s full text:

Due to the ongoing risk posed by the surging coronavirus and the slow rollout of the vaccine, the ACBL will not staff face-to-face bridge tournaments through April 30, 2021.

This means all Sectionals and Regionals scheduled during this period have been canceled. Consistent with this decision, the ACBL is also canceling the sanctions for any remaining Non-Life Master Tournaments or other bridge tournaments through the end of April where ACBL Tournament Directors are not technically required.

We will contact you by March 1 if the moratorium will be extended past April 30.

Online events, including Regional-rated tournaments, will continue to be offered along with chances to win gold, silver, red and black masterpoints®. Click here for the 2021 schedule of online events. More details can be found at www.acbl.org/virtual.

Joseph Jones
ACBL Executive Director
January 12, 2021