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Latest changes to website:

September 4, 2016: The website theme (look and feel) has been changed for a more modern look and ease of use on mobile devices.

June 1, 2016: Website now hosted on Linux server for improved performance and reliability;

May 20, 2016:

  • D19 Board of Directors listing;
  • D19 Officials listing;

May 11, 2016: Webpages for all 24 D19 Units pages have been updated. Of these:

  •  8 links added, pointing to external websites (Units 425, 429, 430, 431, 441, 446, 448 and 574)
  • 16 Unit webpages have been updated

April 30, 2016: List of 2016 D19 Tournaments updated;

To be added soon

  • Board Minutes;
  • Minutes of Board meetings;
  • By-Laws.

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