The Kirkwood Trophy

The Kirkwood Trophy is awarded to the District 19 resident who wins the most masterpoints at District regionals in a calendar year.

Only open Regionals in Washington State and British Columbia are counted, and as with other masterpoint races one must be an ACBL member to qualify.

Standings are calculated at the conclusion of each Regional and placed in the Wrapup edition, as well as in the first Bulletin of the next Regional.

Slideshow of the Kirkwood Trophy

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A Brief History of the Kirkwood Trophy

John E. Kirkwood became ACBL Life Master #1033 in 1956.  He played with many different partners around the Pacific Northwest while working as a traveling salesman.  He married Helen Rall in 1960 and “bravely” took on the responsibility of helping rear her four children.  He taught Helen to play and taught daughter Nancy Rall (Carle) to play duplicate as well. Kirkwood was influential in the early years of bridge in this area. In the 1950’s and 1960’s he served as a bridge governance official in District 19 and Seattle Unit 446. He died suddenly of a massive stroke in January 1967.

ACBL Grand Life Master and Bellevue, WA resident Joe Jabon spearheaded the effort to launch and dedicate the Kirkwood Trophy as a memorial to John Kirkwood.  John’s wife sponsored the trophy.

As inscribed on the trophy, it was inaugurated as “The John Kirkwood Trophy for Best Performance.” Over the years the criteria for being awarded the trophy evolved from winning the most masterpoints in the year to winning the most masterpoints in District 19 regionals in the year.

Joe Jabon made the presentation of the trophy to its first winner, John Kamb, for the year 1967. In later years John joked that in the day – before events were stratified – masterpoints were more difficult to come by. He also noted that, at the time, masterpoints were documented on slips of paper that were then turned in to be recorded and that this process was imperfect and potentially prone to inaccuracies.

The Kirkwood trophy was won by ACBL Hall of Famer Paul Soloway in 1979. Joe Jabon himself was the winner for the years 1996, 1997, 1998 and 2000.

Kirkwood Trophy Winners 1967-present

YearNameCity, state/province
2023Dan JacobVancouver, BC
2022Nick StockNorth Vancouver, BC
2019Dave WestfallSpokane, WA
2018Jack LeeRichmond, BC
2017Dan JacobVancouver, BC
2016Dave WestfallSpokane, WA
2015Polly & Patrick DunnBellevue, WA
2014Polly DunnBellevue, WA
2013Patrick DunnBellevue, WA
2012Ken ChristiansenBothell, WA
2011Patrick DunnBellevue, WA
2010Patrick DunnBellevue, WA
2009Patrick DunnBellevue, WA
2008Patrick DunnBellevue, WA
2007Tony KasdayPuyallup, WA
2006Tony KasdayPuyallup, WA
2005Tony KasdayPuyallup, WA
2004Stephen HoschOlympia, WA
2003Cameron DonerRichmond, BC
2002Cameron DonerRichmond, BC
2001Stephen HoschOlympia, WA
2000Joe JabonBellevue, WA
1999Gard HaysSpokane, WA
1998Joe JabonBellevue, WA
1997Joe JabonBellevue, WA
1996Joe JabonBellevue, WA
1995Loren HawkinsBremerton, WA
1994Leo SteilVancouver, BC
1993Sharon ColsonKirkland, WA
1992Leo SteilVancouver, BC
1991Leo SteilVancouver, BC
1990Leo SteilVancouver, BC
1989Miles AdkinsCoulee City, WA
1988Leo SteilVancouver, BC
1987Miles AdkinsCoulee City, WA
1986Alan BenaroyaKirkland, WA
1985Dick YaringtonSeattle, WA
1984Dick YaringtonSeattle, WA
1983Dick YaringtonSeattle, WA
1982Roger UrbaniakMercer Island, WA
1981Peter HeroldVancouver, BC
1980Janet DalingSeattle, WA
1979Paul SolowaySeattle, WA
1978John SchermerSeattle, WA
1977Bruce FergusonVancouver, BC
1976Bruce FergusonVancouver, BC
1975Gale MehaffeySeattle, WA
1974John SchermerBellevue, WA
1973Kenneth GorfkleRedmond, WA
1972Allan GravesVancouver, BC
1971Kenneth GorfkleMedina, WA
1970George SteinerSeattle, WA
1969George SteinerSeattle, WA
1968Gard HaysSpokane, WA
1967John KambMount Vernon, WA