Page last updated: 2020-06-16

Grand National Teams

The Grand National Teams (GNT) is a grass-roots event that begins at the club level, continues with the District Finals competition in the spring, and concludes at the Summer North American Bridge Championships. Players qualify as individuals at the club level and may form new teams for the District Finals stage.

The District 19 2020 finals were cancelled due to COVID-19. 

The 2019 District 19 Grand National Teams Finals for the Open Flight and Flight B were held on April 13 & 14 in Victoria. Finals for Flights A and C were held on March 16 & 17 in Everett. All teams pictured below  will be representing D19 at the GNT National Finals at NABC Las Vegas in July.

Open Flight winners, left to right: Michael Hargreaves, Michael Roche, Cam Doner and Bryan Maksymetz  (Team members not pictured:  Dan Jacob and Kenny Scholes)


Flight B winners, left to right:  Ryley Breiddal, Daniel Lyder, Tom Anderson and Jordan Tessarolo

Second place Flight B team, who will also represent D19 at the GNT National Finals, left to right:  Tim White, Beau Hovda, Ann Romeo and Jim Dukelow


Flight A winners left to right
Sidney Yang, Alex Hong, Lu Gan, Kai Zhou.


Flight C winners left to right
Henry Yao, Jennifer Hong, Lisa Li and Flora Yan.


District 19 awards the team representing the District in each flight a subsidy to assist with transportation and lodging expenses, provided they meet conditions discussed herein. Teams that win the District Finals are expected to represent the District in the National Finals or, if they cannot, to immediately so inform the District GNT Coordinator. Captains must verify that team members will play the entirety of the National Finals; entering the event with the knowledge that one cannot compete throughout is a violation of ACBL ethics guidelines.

Prospective participants should familiarize themselves with the 
.  Among other things, this document provides information on masterpoint awards for the club, District Finals, and National Finals stages of the event.

Winners of 2018 and 2017 D19 finals and championship are shown here.