D19 Tournaments

Page last updated: 2022-11-29

D19’s next Regional: Victoria, April 17-23, 2022


Wondering about Covid rules at tournaments?

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As of May 2022, masks are not mandatory at tournaments. Opponents may request you wear a mask when playing at their table. Failure to comply with your opponents’ request is a Zero Tolerance violation and at minimum a penalty. A player who makes a big issue of this is in danger of disciplinary action.

Upcoming D19 Tournaments:

This list is updated regularly, from ACBL’s Tournament Schedule.

Upcoming tournaments of interest to D19 players are shown. Links are provided to specific tournament info, whenever available. The table can be sorted by date, tournament name, city or state. However, the quickest way of finding a tournament is to type a few letters in the search box (e.g., typing “vic” will bring up Victoria tournaments). ­

Dec 5-11, 2022STaCParticipating ClubsInfoSectional


Jan 13-15, 2023Burnaby [Vancouver]BCClick!430SectionalOpen
Feb 3-5, 2023SpokaneWAClick!448SectionalDowngraded
Feb 3-5, 2023BellinghamWAClick!433SectionalOpen
Feb 13-19, 2023STaC D1; U166, 181, 21...Click!246SectionalSTaC
Feb 17-19, 2023Shoreline [Seattle]WAClick!446SectionalOpen
Mar 1-5, 2023AnchorageAKClick!425SectionalOpen
Mar 3-5, 2023Everett [Seattle]WAClick!437SectionalOpen
Mar 21-23, 2023Walla WallaWAClick!453SectionalOpen
Apr 17-23, 2023VictoriaBCClick!---RegionalOpen
Apr 28-30, 2023HainesAKClick!427SectionalOpen
May 5-7, 2023RichlandWAClick!442SectionalOpen
Jun 20-25, 2023AnchorageAKClick!425RegionalOpen
Aug 21-27, 2023LynnwoodWAClick!---RegionalOpen
Sep 6-10, 2023AnchorageAKClick!425SectionalDowngraded
Sep 15-17, 2023SidneyBCClick!431SectionalOpen

Past Regionals: