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2021-2022 NAP Conditions of Contest

2019-2020 D19’s North American Pairs (NAP) Finals

Delta, BC, October 12-13, 2019

Flight A winners, James Wu and Sidney Yang

Flight B winners Paul Conroy and Dave Baer

Flight C winners Lucy Zhong and Jack Qi

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2018-2019 North American Pairs (NAP) National Finals

Memphis Tennessee, March 30-31, 2019

The Flight C pairs highlighted D19’s representation at the North American Pairs (NAP) National Finals played at NABC in Memphis.

Of the 88 Flight C pairs who entered the two-day event from across the ACBL, all four D19 pairs qualified on Saturday for the two-session final on Sunday. Three of the four D19 pairs finished in the top 16 overall in the event, an amazing show of strength of Flight C pairs in D19.

Finishing 16th overall in the NAP Flight C National Finals — and becoming Life Masters in the process —Mark McWiggins and Craig Von Land, from Issaquah and Seattle, WA respectively


Finishing 12th overall in the NAP Flight C National Finals, Morris Chen and Qiang Hua, both of Surrey, BC


Finishing 13th overall in the NAP Flight C National Finals, the Souza brothers Felipe and Guilherme, both of Bellevue, WA


District 19 2017 North American Pairs Finals

The NAP 2017 Finals were held in Olympia, WA, October 21 & 22. Detailed results can be found on ACBL Live.

Top finishers were:

Flight A
1st place – Bryan Maksymetz – Dan Jacob
2nd place – Tom Carmichael – Jenni Carmichael
3rd place – Hal Antonson – David Binney

Flight B
1st place – Dave Roselle – Paul Martin
2nd place – Beau Hovda – Hugh Hendrickson
3rd place – John Krah – Daniel Poore
4th place – Xiang Tu – Yinsheng Tu

Flight C
1st place – Steven Lewis – Jolanta Janowski
2nd place – Brad Rind – Terry Jacobson
3rd place – Guilherme De Souza – Felipe Souza
4th place – Tracey Guice – Ivy French