Filing period for Board Elections for 2021-2023 Term

Members of Units 446, 430, 436, 442, 448, 450, 453, 454,  455, 428, 433, 437, 439, 441 443, & 451:

New three-year terms are approaching for District Board members to be elected to represent the Seattle Unit, the Vancouver B.C. Unit, the eastern Washington Units at large, and the western Washington Units at large on the District Board for the 2021-2023 term.

Any ACBL member who is a member of the Seattle or Vancouver B.C. Units that is interested in being named to that term for their unit should contact their unit president as these two units directly elect their representatives. Any member of an eastern or western Washington unit may declare themselves a candidate for their respective area. If more than one candidate for either if these positions files, the District will run an election this late summer or fall.

Tim White is the current Seattle Board member and Nick Stock is the current Vancouver Board member. Ron Krueger is the current eastern Washington member and Marla Patterson is the current western Washington member.

The deadline for declaring candidacy is 15 July 2020. Declarations should be made to the Disrict Elections Chair by letter or email. Declarations should be accompanied by a brief platform/resume statement which will be used if an election is necessary. If an election is necessary, unit board members of the respective area will be the electors.

Dudley Brown,
District 19 Elections Chair,
611 West 5th St, Grandview, WA 98930,
Email: [email protected])