Calling for Caddies: Teens or Spry Seniors Welcome to Apply!

We are looking for caddies for the Puget Sound Regional in Lynnwood this summer.  The dates for the event are Monday August 21-Sunday August 27.

Check your calendars and let me know if you or the teen in your life is interested in working a couple days during the week of the Puget Sound Regional.
I’m not guaranteeing anything at this time, but I suspect you will get a good chunk of the shifts in which you might be interested.

Here are the details:

  • Each shift runs approximately 4 hours: from 1:00pm-5:00pm and 7:00pm-11:00 pm.
  • Payment is $60.00 per shift.  If you work 2 shifts, you will make $120.00 for the day.
  • A tip jar will be put out, and the tips will be split amongst all the caddies after the last Sunday shift.
  • The work involves moving sets of card boards between tables as the players finish up their play.  You will also help with cleaning up the room.  You will also pick up entry forms as directed by those in charge of the game.  You will also help hand out treats to the tables during the game.
  • Mon has one shift (evening), that starts at 7:00.
  • Tue-Fri have two shifts, (1 to 5 and 7 to 11)
  • Sat has 2 shifts (10-2 and 3 to 7)
  • Sunday has 4 shifts (2 for 10 to 2:30ish, and TBA to the end)
  • You must dress appropriately–no flip flops, you should look clean and neat.  We should have t shirts and waist aprons for you this year.
  • You can bring a book or a phone, but when you are working you will need to be alert.  There will be ‘down times’ but then times of a flurry of activity.
  • You are responsible to get to the venue (in Lynnwood) and to get your own meals between sessions (if you do both sessions in a day).

Are you interested in helping?  If so, let me know what days and shifts you want to help.

Contact Ann Romeo, Tournament Chair at [email protected]

Successful Victoria Regional

The 2023 Victoria Regional Bridge Tournament is now over.

It ran from April 17 to 23, 2023.

The tournament was very successful with 659 players attending, and a total of 1257 tables played.

For complete details, please access the Daily Bulletins.

We look forward to seeing you again in two years for the 2025 edition!

Victoria Regional Tournament coming up this April

The Victoria Regional Tournament runs from April 17 to 23.

For complete and detailed information, please access the tournament website,

View the schedule and pre-register for games, thus avoiding the daily lineup, by going to Tournament Details on ACBL’s website.

If you’re not sure how pre-registering works, have a look at this short video which will walk you through it.

For any questions, please contact Tournament Chair JP Weber at [email protected] or 778-587-7242.

For partnership information, Jan Galena at [email protected]

Whistler Regional is coming up soon!

The tournament runs from Thursday Nov 3 to Wednesday Nov 9.

You will find detailed information by clicking on the following links:

For any questions, please contact Tournament Chair Marv Norden at [email protected] or 778-214-6278.

For partnership information, Ian Gibson at [email protected] or 778 514-5448

Successful Penticton tournament!

The 2022 Penticton Regional was quite successful with a total of 1657.5 tables.

The local online paper, has an interesting article, with many pictures, which you can read here.

And of course, McBruce’s Daily Bulletins have all the details, including table counts, masterpoint leaders and more!

Tournament chair Marv Norden informs us that five COVID cases were reported, four from Idaho attendees and one from a Victoria player. If you are experiencing any symptoms, please take appropriate action, such as self-testing and informing your partners and teammates.

D19 tournament survey report now published

All District 19 members in good standing were emailed an invitation to complete a short tournament survey on March 17.

By March 20 we had received 865 responses. We kept the survey open for another week and received a few more submission.

The survey is now completed.  The report can be read or downloaded here.

Thank you, all of you D19 members who participated!  The results will be very useful to tournament organizers in planning future sectionals or regionals.


Register your team for the GNT Finals!

The Grand National Teams (GNT) is a grass-roots event that begins at the club level, continues with the District Finals competition in the spring, and concludes at the Summer North American Bridge Championships. There are four flights: Open Championship Flight, Flight A, Flight B, and Flight C. The winning team in each flight at the District Finals is invited to participate in the national finals of the GNT at the Summer NABC. In 2022, the Summer NABCs will be in Providence, RI, and the GNTs Championships will be July 13-17.

Our District Finals will be held in April 2022.

Click here to register.
You’ll need a valid credit card (except for flight C, which is free).

For more information, including the April schedule, go to our GNT page.

Whistler Regional Cancelled

Although it might not come as a surprise, this will confirm that the Whistler Regional Bridge Tournament, scheduled for Nov 1-7, has been officially cancelled, as of today, October 4.

As District 19’s president, Chris Cookson, explained in an emailed letter to all members:

“We had hoped to be able to return to Regionals in the District in 2021, but sadly that is not to be. We would be remiss in not acknowledging our hotel partner, the Fairmont Chateau Whistler who have worked very closely with the District in trying to run a safe and fun event. We look forward to returning to Whistler in the future. The work done by original chair Bruce Busby and his team, current chair Marv Norden, and the District Tournament Committee are also deeply appreciated. Tournament Director Matt Koltnow has worked closely with the District and his counsel has helped guide us through these difficult times. “