COVID-19: An update for District 19 membership from the Board of Directors

The District 19 Board of Directors is doing its best to navigate the challenges and uncertainties caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.  Board members are monitoring developments in policies and guidance from national, regional and local government authorities in Canada and US, and the ACBL.  We review, discuss and evaluate implications and plans for D19-sponsored events going forward.  We will keep D19 membership apprised of developments as they take place.  Please see below an update on upcoming events:

D19 Burnaby Regional (April 6-12, 2020)Notice of cancellation of this tournament was provided to D19 membership via email on March 17, 2020.

D19 Grand National Teams (GNT) FinalsThe D19 GNT Finals scheduled for April 18 & 19 at the Vancouver Bridge Centre are cancelled.  The D19 Board is exploring recovery plans for this event.  The ACBL Board of Directors has re-scheduled the North American GNT Finals from NABC Montreal in July to NABC Tampa this fall.  (ACBL will be establishing the dates of the GNT Finals to be held at Tampa.)  Districts are now given until October 1, 2020 to hold their district GNT Finals.  The D19 Board is exploring the alternatives of running this event face-2-face, as it has been, or online.  More information on plans for D19 GNT Finals will be announced when it becomes available.

D19 Penticton Regional (June 15-21, 2020) – At present, this tournament is still “on.”  Financial and other considerations bearing on the decision whether to proceed with the tournament are under review.  The D19 Board will further discuss the situation during its telephonic board meeting the week of April 21.  We expect to make a final decision about Penticton no later than May 1.

ACBL’s North American NAP Finals – Last fall’s 2019 D19 NAP Finals qualified pairs for ACBL’s North American NAP Finals that were to have been held at the cancelled NABC Columbus.  To recover the North American NAP Finals, the ACBL Board of Directors has decided that the event will take place at NABC Montreal in July.  (ACBL will be establishing the dates of the NAP Finals to be held at Montreal.)  If NABC Montreal were to be cancelled, the event would then be down streamed to NABC Tampa and run on dates not to conflict with the GNT Finals to be held at Tampa.  The D19 NAP Coordinator will continue to coordinate plans with pairs who qualified last fall for the North American NAP Finals.

We regret the impacts this situation is having on clubs, units and players.  We will continue to look and plan ahead in pursuit of the best available plans under the circumstances.

Thank you for your understanding,

D19 Board of Directors